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the world's best carbon capture solvent.

ION is the industry leader in post-combustion carbon capture technologies. Our best-in-class solvent paired with our dedicated, long-term service is ready for commercialization at any carbon intensive facility.


a new solvent standard. unrivaled customer value.

Amine-based solvent technology is a common and effective method to capture CO2. However, not all solvents are created equal. ION believed that the decades-old science most contractors were using needed a complete overhaul. So we made it our mission to develop a transformational solvent that would revolutionize both performance and results and set a new standard for the industry.

up to 99% co2 capture efficiency

The more CO2 you capture, the less goes into the atmosphere and the more tax credits you receive. Everybody wins.

unprecedented solvent stability

A solvent with greater stability is a more sustainable solvent, which means you can cycle ION technology through your system over and over again without losing capture efficiency while also significantly reducing the cost and frequency of solvent replacement.

extremely low emissions

Using our solvent will not add to your emissions challenge. By keeping our emissions low, you can operate within your existing air permits.

faster solvent kinetics

ION solvent creates a faster bond with CO2, which means less solvent is required to capture your emissions, resulting in smaller equipment, lower equipment costs, and lower transportation expenses.

lower energy requirements

Our solvent requires less energy for operation, which means you can keep your costs down and focus on capturing emissions. Not your energy bills.
ION offers state-of-the-art carbon capture technologies tailored to your facility, conditions and goals.


We perform technical economic analyses and facilities evaluations to gauge the steps needed for effective CO2 capture.


Our engineers work with you directly to tailor our technologies to your specific facility, conditions and goals.


We dedicate ourselves to your long-term success, constantly monitoring and tweaking to ensure maximum carbon capture results.

leading solvent with support and service.

We're not in the business of making a sale and calling it a day. When you choose ION solvent, you also gain a full suite of services that help guarantee optimal performance for your project through everything from our hands-on management style to proprietary monitoring software. This is a relationship built on results, not potential.

leadership access

technical expertise

monitoring technology & services

performance guarantee

inventory management

disposal & resupply

carbon capture is a team effort.

Before we can put our solvent to work, we assemble a team of specialists who are also global leaders in their fields, from procurement to construction to execute your project plan.

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