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Post-combustion source capture is the most effective method we have to reduce carbon emissions and meet regulatory requirements. By applying our technology to the world’s largest emission sources, we can make the greatest impact.



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what is source capture?

Post-combustion carbon capture is the removal of CO2 from flue gas after the fuel source is burned. It is the most cost-effective option for retrofitting existing power plants and other industrial emitters with carbon capture capabilities.


During the production phase, fuel is burned in the boiler, releasing CO2 into the environment if there is no carbon capture process in place. ION diverts the carbon dioxide-rich gas into an absorption tower to begin the capture process.


Flue gas rich with CO2 is directed into an absorption tower where ION’s advanced liquid solvent contacts the flue gas and absorbs the CO2. Flue gas, now free of CO2, is then safely and cleanly released into the atmosphere.


The ION solvent, now loaded with captured CO2, is heated at temperatures that separate the CO2 from the solvent liquid. Captured CO2 can then be compressed and transported to be safely and permanently sequestered or re-used for other value-added products. The sustainable ION solvent is then returned to the absorption tower to start the cycle all over again.
Flue Gas with CO2
Flue Gas without CO2
Solvent with Absorbed CO2
Decarbonized Solvent
Pure CO2
Flue Gas with CO2
Flue Gas without CO2
Solvent with Absorbed CO2
Decarbonized Solvent
Pure CO2
Carbon Capture

how can captured carbon be used?

Carbon capture is not only environmentally friendly, but also economically beneficial. There are almost unlimited, innovative uses for the CO2 that we capture from power plants and other commercial facilities.

Brewing & roasting

biofuel &


enhanced oil


dry ice

Industrial conducts

solvent technology with an ion upgrade.

Our industry-leading solvent captures up to 99% of CO2 emissions and has unprecedented stability, making it the most efficient and sustainable solvent technology in the world.

power meets pragramtism.

We understand the value of balancing risk with reward. Our unique blend of innovation and pragmatism will put your company on a more effective path to achieving your emission goals.

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