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power meets pragmatism

With our credibility, integrity, focus, and industry-leading results, ION’s technology is ready to go toe-to-toe with any other on the planet.



There are no generalists here. We are singularly focused on post-combustion carbon capture technologies at the source.


Our solvent technology raises the bar on performance and efficiency while lowering your long-term capital and operational expenses.


Tireless, agile and flexible, we are committed to whatever level of partnership is required to ensure success for the life of the project.


We are not interested in small wins. We are dedicated to large-scale impact at large-scale emissions sources with long-term upside.

CAPTURE 1 billion tonnes of co2 by 2050.

The ION story began when our founders recognized an urgent need to improve carbon capture technology available for commercial emission sources. And today, with a world-class technology in hand, we recognize the urgency of climate change and our role in helping to reduce its effects.

ION exists at the intersection of power and pragmatism. We believe there is no use in creating the world's greatest solvent technology if we are not using it to do the greatest amount of good.
rene kupfer
Principal Chemist, ION Clean Energy
ION exists at the intersection of power and pragmatism. We believe there is no use in creating the worlds greatest solvent technology if we are not using it to do the greatest amount of good.


We have spent over a decade applying our technology to both Department of Energy and global commercial project contracts alike. Our solvent has lower degradation, fewer emissions, stronger re-use sustainability and consistently performs higher than industry averages.


Despite the current public focus on alternative energy sources, coal and natural gas remain the world’s largest sources of electrical power. And if we don’t minimize CO2 emissions at these large power sources, no other effort matters. It may not be the sexy choice, but it is the right choice.

an american success story

ION has been innovating post-combustion source capture technologies since its founding in Boulder, Colorado in 2008. With over $80 million in competitive grant funding from the DOE Carbon Capture Program to-date, ION is a proud engineering success story.


Second Generation Solvent Lab Pilot
ION innovation gets it's start with our first demonstration of our ICE-21 solvent technology on a 3 kWe lab pilot with simulated flue gas.


98% Capture Rate at NCCC
In a pilot test at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, Alabama, ION's ICE-21 solvent continuously captured more than 98% of CO2 emissions.


ICE-21 Outperforms Competition in Norway
ICE-21 solvent outperformed all previously tested solvents on NGCC (Natural Gas Combined-Cycle) flue gas at the Technology Centre Mongstad in Norway, the world's largest carbon capture test facility.


Commercial FEED for Coal & NGCC
ION tests it's commercial FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) for coal & NGCC for 2-5 mtpa projects at the Nebraska Public Power District.


Full Pipeline of Commercial Opportunities.

Today, ION continues design and development of a full pipeline of commercial opportunities, including a commercial pilot commissioned at Calpine's Los Medanos Energy Center.


Dr. Buz Brown

Founder, CEO, Chairman

Dr. Erik Meuleman

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Tufano

Chief Financial Officer

Carin Cutler

VP, General Counsel

Jenn Atcheson

VP, Operations

Dr. Andrew Awtry

VP, Engineering

ned Brown

VP, Business Development

Ryan Skubic

VP, Marketing & Communications

join a growing team in the heart of boulder.

ION Clean Energy is experiencing a time of tremendous growth and opportunity for both our world-class solvent technology and our commercial partners. Interested in rolling up your sleeves to help revolutionize the carbon capture industry?

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